Finish off any of the delicious meals at our regional restaurant with one of our tasty side dishes. At Kelly’s Roast Beef, a Massachusetts-based roast beef and sandwich restaurant, we serve up great food including soup and salad, a variety of sandwiches, and fresh seafood every day. With the best ingredients delivered fresh daily, there’s always something to suit your appetite at our restaurants.

Side Dishes

French Fries
Side $3.25 Small $3.95 Medium $5.50 Large $7.95
Side $2.25 Cup $2.50 Pint $4.50 Quart $8.25
Hand-Breaded Onion Rings
Side $3.25 Small $4.95 Medium $6.25 Large $9.25
Fried Clams
Small $23.95 Medium Market Price
Clam Tenders not avaiable
Small $10.25 Medium $19.25 Large $30.25
Fried Scallops
Small $21.95 Medium Market Price

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Fried Shrimp
Small $14.25 Medium $20.25 Large $25.25
Cheese Fries - Seasoned French Fries with Melted Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Real Bacon
Side $4.75 Large $7.50
Mac and Cheese
One Size $3.75
Chicken Fingers
One Size $10.95
Chicken Wings
Small $7.25 Large $11.95
Mozzarella Sticks
One Size $6.95

Stop by for great food cooked to order using fresh food daily.